Details should have been in place before construction began, says reader


Dear Editor,

As a Barrhead resident, I was horrified and disgusted with what I read in the Leader in regards to the loss of business for Leals & Teals restaurant and others on that street. This is the result of street construction which blocked off access to these businesses.

I was under the impression there was insurance or something in place beforehand to assist these businesses during the time of construction.

I was wrong, but not surprised to learn this was not dealt with before the work started.

I realize this project had to be done, but concessions should have been in place for assistance if the project went over the allowed time of completion.

I thought new businesses were encouraged and welcomed for growth in this town. Perhaps people will think twice before starting a new business here if there’s a possibility of getting the rug pulled out from under them.

One would hope this situation will be looked into further and be open to discussion, compromise and solution. Every situation should be dealt with individually, not having one set of rules and bylaws applying to everybody. Hopefully this will happen before some business will be forced into bankruptcy.

Margaret R. Lamoureux



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