Time to sport the flannel


Get out your red flannel and make sure you comb your beard because Tim Neufeld and his musical brethren, the Glory Boys, are coming back to Barrhead.

Roughly around the same time last year, I met Neufeld and the rest of the band for the first time.

They had come to Barrhead to perform at Bethel Pentecostal and had just put out a new album.

I was at the place that newcomer sometimes finds himself in, when there are things he knows need to be in his life, but unsure where to find them.

I hadn’t heard much about Tim or any music relevant to anyone involved before, but I’m always up for a challenge and so I gave them a listen.

And the sound of banjos assailed me.

You have to understand, I’m not one for the run-of-the-mill stuff everyone else is listening to.

I’ve said before I like just about anything really but I do have my favourites, depending on my mood — just like anybody else.

I like reggae, metal, punk, folk, classical, country.. but bluegrass has always been on my heart.

I’ve fond memories as a kid listening to uncles, aunts and even the parents of friends finger-pick the night away.

To catch my attention and get me to part with my hard-earned dollars, you’ve got to stand out and, for me anyway, these guys do.

Sure, part of their performance is dedicated to delivering a message or speaking about a topic important to the Christian part of their lives, but that’s not the entire purpose.

It’s great music and a good atmosphere.

I would recommend you take in the show, if for nothing else than a night of blue-grass music and a lumberjack playing a stand-up bass.

Tim and the band start at 7 p.m., on Oct. 25, so I would advise you get there a bit early.

Bethel’s big enough, but it’s not every day that a Juno-award winning band comes to town.


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