Motorists beware


Today is Halloween.

That means all of us who are on the roads tonight need to keep our eyes peeled for little goblins, witches, Spider-Men and other spooks.

It’s all about being driver safe.

For some parents, that means you have to make sure your children are marked in some way with reflective strips.

After all, dark costumes blend in with the shadows and it can be difficult to spot a child who darts across the road.

Trick-or-treat in pairs or groups.

A community like ours is safe, as Barrhead RCMP Sgt. Bob Dodds has said in numerous quarterly reports with the town and the county, but don’t put yourself at any unnecessary risk.

Nevertheless, it is not just holidays or special occasions like today when motorists and pedestrians need to pay attention.

As you will read on Page A13, Town of Barrhead mayor Dave Mckenzie, who works simultaneously as a privately-contracted traffic safety consultant, says when daylight starts to lessen and the time change [Nov.5] is upon us, other hazards can materialize faster than a person can react.

In addition to poor visibility and difficulty seeing other motorists or pedestrians, this is the season for deer, moose and other animals to begin their migrations or breeding.

Four-mile corner, especially, is a hotspot for accidents and Hwy. 654, itself, is a commonly traversed road by moose.

In the last week alone, there have been four accidents at that intersection.

For Mckenzie, the biggest issue is people’s reliance on running lights, not leaving enough time between cars to stop properly and driving too fast in adverse conditions.

With the weather’s tendency to be more overcast now than during other times of the year, Mckenzie says it is extremely important to remain attentive.

Don’t use your phone, don’t play with the radio, drive the posted limits and don’t take any unnecessary risks or chances.

You’re not just gambling with your own life.

It could be a child’s life that you ruin.


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